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Clocks seem to tick slower as a kid. I remember seasons (especially summer) lasting for what seemed like an eternity. Everyone said “appreciate it while you’re young, because that won’t last forever.” And they were right, we won’t live forever - but why can’t we feel youthful our whole life? Adulthood has become synonymous with the increasingly rapid passage of time. Why does that happen? Why do seasons and years fly by now as an adult? ⁣

You could point at percentage of life. As a 5 year old, one year is 20% of your life. 

As a 50 year old, one year is 2%. ⁣

Ok, that explains it. ⁣

Or you could look at simple brain chemistry, and point at the decreasing amount of dopamine as we age. ⁣

Yup, that’s gotta be it. ⁣

But is the answer really that simple? ⁣

One theory says that routine is actually what speeds up time. As a kid, everything is new and exciting. Something as simple as finding a new tree to climb on could occupy you for hours on end. As an adult, our lives are overly scheduled. Gym at a specific time, work at a specific time, eat the same meal at a specific time. Our brains go into standby mode and start going through the motions. ⁣

And the reality is, routines aren’t inherently bad. They can lead to financial stability, being in better shape, losing weight. But how can we supplement these routines? ⁣

This theory says the way to slow down the passage of time is simple: start doing new things as often as possible. ⁣

Picking up a new hobby. Experiencing a new place. Pursuing a new passion as a career. 

Challenging yourself to do something new will take your brain out of “automatic” mode.⁣

And I’m not the only one who thinks this way. There are countless individuals pursuing passions as a career, or even as a side hustle. There are businesses large and small who embody this spirit as well -  the spirit of a life well lived.  

These are the people I enjoy working with and projects I enjoy taking on most. 

This is what inspires me. 

I truly love creating videos and photos. If I were the last person alive today, I’d still have a camera in hand as I walked down to the beach. 

Life is already short enough, don’t make it pass by any faster that it has to.

Oh....about me? I'm a self taught creative (we all are!) who happens to specialize in cinematography and photography. Based out of New York but more than happy to jump on a plane and fly halfway around the world for a shoot. 

Why? I lost my father to brain cancer 3 years ago. He was 54. 

That was the kick in the ass I needed to leave my corporate job and pursue this career that I had been dreaming about. 

If you have a vision, I can help you make it come to life. 

But don't take my word for it - let me show you.

Commercial shoots. Editorial shoots. Documentaries. Short films. Storytelling in every form.

I'm looking forward to telling your story.

Also, I publish a collection of zines - click here to check them out